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We loan on the valuables you're not ready to part with – If you love it, don't sell it, pawn it!

Don’t forget, your first loan with us is free!

Don't want your item back? No problem. We can buy or consign your item instead.

Most Wanted Brands

Jewelry & Watches

Diamond Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Tiffany & Co.

Tag Heuer



Luxury Handbags

Louis Vuitton



Musical Instruments

Gibson Les Paul



Xbox One/Series
















What types of items do you take?

Jewelry, luxury handbags, electronics, musical instruments, tools, and MORE!

How much can I get for my item?

We can give you a quote in our store, over the phone, through our app MobilePawn (you will need to call to activate the app), or by email.

How do I know I’m getting the most money for my loan?

We want to loan you the most! If a competitor offers you more for your loan, your next loan with us is free!*

Do you loan to active military?

Yes! We're proud to support our military ​with quick, confidential cash loans in compliance with MLA rates and guidelines.


How long is my loan?

All loans are 90 days. You're welcome to pick up your item(s) before the 90 days is up without penalty. You can also extend or renew your loan if you need more than 90 days.


Do I have to pay off my loan by the due date?

No, if you need more time you can extend your loan for 30 or 60 days, or renew your loan for another 90 days. An extension payment pays for any fees due and buys you another 30 days, it does not pay towards the principal of the loan. A renewal payment pays for all interest and fees that have accrued thus far and restarts your loan.


Can someone else make a payment or pick up my loan?

Anyone can extend or renew your loan for you. For your protection and security, it is CASA PAWN's policy to only release items to the original person who pawned the item.


What forms of payment do you take for loans?

You can make a loan payment with cash or debit card in person, or through our app MobilePawn (you will need to call to activate your account) by logging into your PayPal account or checking out as a guest through PayPal. If you are planning to pay off and pick up your loan, you will need to pay with cash or debit card in person. A redemption payment cannot be done through MobilePawn.


Can I make a loan payment after-hours?

Yes, you can make a payment on your loan after-hours through our app MobilePawn (you will need to call during business hours to activate your account).

Will you remind me about my loan?

Yes, we will send you text reminders, and/or MobilePawn app notifications (if applicable) when your loan is coming due. Please make sure to update your phone number with us to ensure you receive the reminders.

*See team member for details

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